A different kind of mobile car wash. We're ready to go to work for you!

I make no bones about it. I love cars. I love trucks. I love big trucks and even buses! And I love keeping them spotlessly clean. We all have passions. Somehow I ended up with this one. As far back as I can remember, I've enjoyed detailing cars and caring for them. What started as a passion has evolved into my full time career. You won't find anyone who cares more about a shimmering, gleaming vehicle than I do. Inside and out.

After realizing that car detailing was calling out to me, I researched the relatively new mobile detail industry.

I decided that providing service to my customers at their location offers a level of convenience and value that is superior in many ways to traditional brick-and-mortar detailing. Innovation in the tools of my trade have made it easier to travel with everything I need to provide the top-notch cleaning that I strive to deliver to every customer.

mobile car wash white pickup detailed
sparkling clean RV

I realized that washing larger vehicles like RVs and boats was also possible as a mobile detailing service.

As my business has grown, I've found that there's almost no limit to the type of vehicle I can detail. I take great pride in transforming a vehicle and leaving it better than when it was found.

My goal is to offer consistent quality, convenience, reliability and value to my customers.

I am confident if you trust me with your vehicle once, you'll be so pleased that you will contact me again. And again.

You are busy. And now there's no reason that having your vehicle or vehicles detailed should take any time away from your schedule. Simply schedule a time and place for your service and FH3 will do the rest. Providing convenience to you is as important as providing you with a gleaming vehicle that meets or exceeds your expectations.

mobile car wash perfection clean jeep interior

Serving Montgomery County and the surrounding areas.

We are based in Montgomery County but we travel to nearby areas and are happy to discuss all possibilities. FH3 Mobile Car Wash is committed to offering you the highest quality detailing service you can find with An Unmistakable Personal Touch! We're ready to get to work for you! Contact us for an appointment today!

Fred Henry, owner